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In collaboration with Grupo Martí we want to offer you the best protection products for you, your family and your home.
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A selection of insurance tailored to your needs

Select States and Grupo Martí have prepared a selection of protection products to help you protect what matters most to you. We will be happy to answer any questions you have for us.

Life insurances

Home insurances

Health insurance

Car insurance

Insure your peace of mind and that of your loved ones.

Because life is our greatest treasure, take out a Life Insurance policy.

From 0,5€ per day you have the most complete range of Life Insurance

Why do you need life insurance? Am I going to risk losing everything I worked so hard to get?

If you have a life, it is in your best interest to insure it. Not only to ensure a decent future for yourself, but also, if necessary, for those who are left behind.

What if in the future an illness prevented you from working?

Without income, savings would start to be spent and the next step is to sell off your assets. The problem comes if you need special care because of the illness, you would need even more money than before, since you have to pay the staff to take care of you. More than status, it is a question of dignity.

I already have a life insurance with my mortgage. You know, who is covered by your life insurance, you or the bank?

Life insurance policies that cover the mortgage, in most cases only cover the mortgage on the home in the best case scenario. This way, if something happens to you, the bank is protected. But…

Are you convinced that this is what is important to you?

Life insurance is not just for the rich

Life is the most valuable asset. We have one life and in this life, people we love. So… Why do you insure your car or house and not insure your family’s future? The reality is that life is worth a lot and life insurance is worth very little. In fact, less than a soda a day.

We offer you a home insurance with more advantages and extensive coverage to avoid surprises.

Do you know if your home insurance has what really matters to you?

Know, choose and pay only for the coverage you need. No more, no les

Why do you need Home Insurance?

Insurance for your habitual residence: We offer you the necessary protection you are looking for for your home. Choose a unique insurance that suits your needs.

With our wide range of insurances you can choose from the most essential coverages (such as water damage, fire…) to the most innovative coverages (DIY service, appliance breakdowns, home accidents…).

Insurance for your second home: if you enjoy your home only during vacations or weekends, you also need to have an insurance that gives you peace of mind.

In this case we offer you some coverages such as home theft or water damage, which will allow you to guarantee your peace of mind if any mishap happens while you are away.

Insurance for rental properties: whether you are the owner of a rental property or a tenant, you need an insurance adapted to your needs, including legal advice over the phone.

If you are a tenant, we guarantee the loss of rent due to loss and you can also insure against damage caused by vandalism by your tenant.  If you are a tenant, we guarantee you Civil Liability as a tenant and you will be able to insure your belongings (furniture, jewelry, etc).

Why do you need Home Insurance?

Each person is different, and that’s why AXA Health adapts to you, allowing you to choose the insurance that best suits your needs. So you pay only for what you really need, no more, no less. Tailored to your needs.

Why trust Axa for your health insurance?

Quick and easy access to thousands of professionals

The most prestigious medical centers and hospitals

Grupo Hospitales de Madrid, Grupo IDC Quirón, Creu Blanca, Grupo Nisa, Grupo Vithas, etc…

Maximum agility in the processing of authorizations and reimbursements.

Lifetime coverage

We promise not to cancel your health policy if you do not want us to.

AXA Seguros health insurance has been chosen as the best in the market.

According to the study carried out by the Cronos consulting firm in February 2016.

9 out of 10 customers would recommend AXA Salud

According to a study conducted with health customers by Ipsos in May 2014.

AXA Salud supports the installation of defibrillators in pharmacies in Barcelona.

The AXA Foundation and La Sexta have joined forces to promote prevention and medical research. We are working today for the Health of the Future

Because it is designed taking into account the coverages most frequently contracted by customers.

And 96.2%* say they are satisfied.

So you can be sure you won’t go wrong

And with new coverages such as Eco Kit, Single Deductible for scratches, Total Loss Repair and Damage by Hunting Animals.


And with the degree of protection you need

Buy your car insurance

 Coverage included in this policy:

Compulsory Civil Liability + Voluntary Civil Liability

Personal Accidents and Progressive Permanent Disability

Free choice of workshops

The most complete Legal Protection

  • Driving a vehicle other than the one declared in the policy.

  • Legal protection including immediate family members.

  • Defense against administrative infractions DGT (>90€ and not Parking)».

Fire and Damage

  • Value as New the first 2 years, 3rd year: Fair market value + 50%.

  • Theft: Value as new the first 2 years, 3rd and subsequent years:

  • Fair market value. Search expenses (300€)

Travel assistance

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